Hemming & Repairs

imageYes, I do hemming!  I also will replace buttons and fix opened seams (to the best of my ability).  A normal pants hem will cost you $10 and about 30 minutes of your time if you want to wait around.  Any fancy hems (ie. invisible, etc) will be an additional cost.  You just need to show up with a spare pair of pants to change into after I take your hemmable pants to sew – you will need to try them on while I pin them, with the shoes you typically plan on wearing them with.  I can also convert pants into shorts for $12!

Replacing a button is just $5 – and if you need multiples done, as long as you have the buttons still or don’t care too much about it matching perfectly, I can do that too for a bulk discount.  Contact me for an estimate.

I will not do zipper work at this time, as it requries me to keep a very large stock of a variety of sizes and colours of zippers that may never get used!

Call or text 604-722-5753 if you are interested in my help! $1 from each repair job goes into the hamper fund 🙂