Family Cloth


I recently replaced my toilet paper with a set of “family cloth.”  What is this, you ask??  Family cloth is basically a set of soft cloth wipes (cotton flannel in our case) that you use, wash, and re-use again in your bathroom, instead of toilet paper.  You deposit soiled wipes in a “drybag” (ours mounts to your TP roll holder and has a handy elasticized drawstring closure) and throw them in a hot sanitizing wash to clean.

I just fell in LOVE with using the system for my family, and wanted to make it easy and affordable for you to try it with yours.  It is luxurious, completely sanitary, very eco-friendly, and will save you tons of money on TP.  No toilet paper flecks left behind, no clogged toilets from kids “over-wiping”, and no more wasteful paper down the drain.  The average family uses hundreds of pounds of toilet paper per year!

I encourage you to read the following beautifully written article on family cloth before you judge “ew or woooo!” 

 “The Dangers of Recycled Toilet Paper & A Safer Alternative” 

Decide if you’d like to try, and if so, I have some super affordable starter packages for you at great introductory rates – visit my online store to see what’s available (all the specs and details of each package are available there) – or send me a message on my Facebook page, send me a text or give me a call at 604-722-5753.  I have lots of great options starting at just $45!  Think of how quickly this set will pay off for you, given that a typical family of four can use more than $20 in toilet paper per month!  You are going to love family cloth.