Upcycled Longies

IMG_2888Once I fell in love with using wool as a natural diaper cover for my daughter, I figured I had to start learning to make some myself. So I started upcycle sweaters and turn them into super cute waterproof pants to go over her fitted cloth diapers. By adding lanolin to the wool, it creates a natural waterproof barrier to prevent diaper leaks, and to avoid the use of plastic diaper covers. As long as you re-lanolize (read about this process HERE) your longies every once in a while, they will continue to become more and more waterproof over time. And they are incredibly adorable!   Wool pants can be used in warm and cool weather, as wool is very breathable and actually naturally helps to regulate body temperature.

Questions about wool?  There are lots of anwers for you HERE!  I can’t recommend it enough.    Although you have to hand wash, you only really need to wash whenever you have a poop leak or the pants get very soiled. They are naturally antibacterial, so you can use them repeatedly without washing unles they become really dirty.  Visit the link above re: lanolizing for instruction on how to care for your longies.

For available longies, visit our Facebook album HERE.

Alternatively, you can provide me with a wool sweater, which I will convert into a lovely pair of longies for you. Send me a message for a price quote on custom designs (typically $20-$30).

$2 from each pair goes into the food hamper fund.